Confessions of an Angry Jacket (again)

By popular demand, everyone’s favorite Angry Jacket returns to blog for The Cannon Report once again!

            I suppose I’ll start this week’s confession by starting from the beginning. Can someone please explain to me what in the hell happened at Nashville? I knew it was going to be a tough game, because they have that crazy anti-Jacket Voodoo going on in Nashville. I can’t remember who it was on Twitter that said it, but I was thinking the same thing when it was said. It was something along the lines of “The Jackets have a 4-1 lead at the end of 1 and I still feel uncomfortable. We need more goals.” If this was any other team up 4-1 at the end of 1, we are all going to the RBar early cuz that shit is OVER, but it’s the Jackets, so it was anything but. 5-2 at the end of 2. Now I’m worried. We have started to back off, ever so slightly. Not good. The third starts, and what do our Jackets do? They give, and I mean GIVE, the Preds 4 goals and the win. I don’t know about you guys, but I hate Nashville. I believe it’s the color of the uni’s because I find myself absolutely hating Buffalo as well. Maybe it’s because I bleed Scarlet and Grey (O-H! anyone? anyone?) Who knows. I really didn’t want to give Nashville 2 points as an Christmas gift but we did. I would like someone who knows, to explain how you play a 1-1-3 fore-check in hockey. Dumbest shit I’ve ever seen… EVER! Way to go Arniel, you jackass. I had a shitty holiday because this team has such a large piece of my soul that I can’t just “let it go”. I’m still pissed about it….

            Apparently, the boys forgot how to play this game over the holidays, because they looked even worse in Chi-Town. At this point I expect losses, as we are now in full fledged “FAIL FOR NAIL” or as the boys at The Cannon Report are now trending, “#NUKEFORNAIL”. So from now on I will be fully surprised if and when we do win. We didn’t try in Chicago. Arniel didn’t coach in Chicago. Nash didn’t Captain in Chicago. The only thing that happened in Chicago was, well, another loss. Our team is beyond help at this point. I saw a stat the other day, I can’t remember the exact stat and I don’t care enough to actually look it up but it’s something along the lines of “in the past 58 games, the Jackets have only won 6 in regulation.” Seriously? Talk about laughable. I wish I could suck at my job that bad and still manage to keep it. How in the hell does Priest have his job still? What’s that, Priest? “Why are you talking about me, it’s the coach that needs firing!” Ok people, let us look at the facts here…

            If we were to fire Arniel, that would get us where? Who would be the coach then? There is no one that would be crazy enough to take his job right now. I’m still pulling for Barry “The Mullet” Melrose, but hey, I’m a dreamer. So, we can’t fire him, I got it, we fire Howson!!! Well, that would be awesome and all, but what happens when the next idiot comes in? No people, we need a CULTURE change. In my own opinion, I think we need to completely kill the front office (by that I mean fire…Or do I? o.0) The McConnell family needs to actually take ownership (HaHa!!!) of the situation and hold everyone accountable. If it were me, I would fire Priest and put Craig Patrick in his spot. Have Patrick hire a new GM, and with it a new coach. This season is already FUBAR so we might as well start rebuilding for next year. I’d call up the younger players and trade the guys that have 1 yr left that I am not going to resign (ie:Pahlson); If I couldn’t trade them then I’d waive them. I am still baffled by the fact that we had guys scoring like crazy in the preseason and we just buried them in the AHL.

            Well I’m done now. Hopefully we have a good showing against the Caps as I will be at that game. Please feel free to leave comments, gripes, bitchings and complaints. If you think I’m right on, let me know. If you feel like I’m way off base, keep it to yourself as I don’t care about your opinion and neither does anyone else for that matter!! Ha! Just kidding. Also, If you feel so inclined, give me a follow on the Twatter, so I can plug The Cannon Report and Arch City Army!!!

Until next time, Frank